Resuming Classes During the November 2020 Lockdown

Dr. Bonnie Henry BJJ schools return

UPDATE: Classes are live but please book for Monday. Classes are turned on only to allow booking to start for NOVEMBER 23RD. (except the Re-opening Adult Class tonight at 6:15pm, which you can book for today only.)

After the latest announcements from Dr. Bonnie Henry and the updates to WorkSafeBC’s Province-wide Restrictions, we have been given clearance to re-open with a couple immediate changes and also additional changes once they finalize the latest Covid-19 Safety Plan requirements for Martial Arts schools. We have also decided to re-open with some of our own immediate changes in preparation for what we expect will be required in the near term.

What was Dr. Henry’s Reasoning

When the lockdown order went into place that affected Group Indoor Facilities, such as ourselves, it was a reaction to the spiking numbers and opportunity for Public Health to assess where the cases were coming from. It was determined that Martial Arts facilities were not a leading cause and therefore have been differentiated from businesses like hot yoga.

November 19th, 2020 – Dr. Bonnie Henry

“…we also recognize how important it is, particularly for youth, but for adults as well, to have these opportunities to engage in these sporting activities in a safe way, during the pandemic.”

– Dr. Bonnie Henry, Public Health

Additionally, WorkSafeBC’s updates also differentiate martial arts studios and there has been further guidance that we may return to Phase 3 rules until an updated Covid-19 Plan requirements are published.

WorkSafeBC – dated November 19, 2020

What does this mean for me?

We will be re-opening and resuming our Phase 3 rules with some additional restrictions of our own. We will relax or expand restrictions based on Public Health guidance as well as our own comfort levels. Based on what we’ve learned from Public Health we expect that the soon to be announced updates will fall in line with the Covid-19 Plan we submitted last week. So what will these be for you, the student?

Masks will be required indoors for all staff

Our updated plan accounts for masks for the staff and for students in all common areas. Once on the mats, it’s optional, as we are distanced.

No spectators inside the facility

As we have already been doing, we will not be allowing parents and drop ins in the facility without prior approval. We take every effort to make sure we control our numbers at all times and keep them below the 50 person restriction.

No cross-municipal travel

Per Public Health orders, we will not be encouraging cross-municipal travel. The examples used were of multi-municipal travel, such as northern Vancouver Island municipalities travelling to southern or mainland municipalities.

GFTeam Canada’s Additional Measures

As we expect certain additional requirements to the updated Covid-19 plan, and in light of current numbers, we will be implementing additional measures as messaged in the email we sent about the soft-reopening. One of the things we will be doing is having posters up of the measures we are taking and requesting our students to respect, so that we can all train and keep each other safe. To reiterate the email:

  • Masks use is required in all common areas and entryways. Wearing a mask during class is optional and by your discretion.
  • Students will not be let in until 5 min before class. Please wait in your vehicles until this time. 
  • Instructors will now come down to the front door, ask you Covid-19 required questions about symptoms, travel and exposure, check you in via Zen Planner and then allow you to enter the facility. No one is allowed in until they have been checked in at the front door.
  • Please distance while using the stairs at both the entrance and the exit. Please use the floor stickers to stay 6 feet apart from the student in front of you.
  • Please take off footwear and bring them with you to your cubby or in your bag. This will reduce chances of outgoing and ingoing students running into each other.
  • We ask that you quickly put your belongings in the cubbies and move directly to the mat so we can start class on time. 
  • Please take the next square in order from the front of the class, starting by the window and towards the mat entrance. Our goal is to minimize the need to cut between squares. 
  • Please leave the mat in order, starting from the person that is closest to the mat entrance in the back of the class.  
  • Please proceed to your belongings and then head to the exit so that the incoming class numbers do not drive total numbers above 50 pp insidel at any given time.
  • We ask you to refrain from changing or congregating near the seating areas. Limiting access for staff and bathroom use only. 

What will classes look like?

Until we receive updates from Public Health, we are instructed that we can re-implement Phase 3 plans for the time being. In addition to our measures, we will restart with:

  • Single dedicated partners for kids and adults. Pairs will be tracked on a board.
  • Class sizes will be reduced temporarily. This is already reflected for striking classes but BJJ classes will be updated.
  • Zoom classes will continue. They will occur to coincide with regular, in-gym kids classes scheduling.

These changes will be reflected in your ZenPlanner app by Friday EOD today but please start booking for Monday. The one exception is the re-opening adult class for BJJ tonight at 6:15pm, which is a one time class. Classes will have to be booked as usual for in-gym training. We look forward to seeing you all soon!

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