This Adult program starts out people new to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in our Beginner’s program so students new to BJJ can learn the fundamental body movements and basics before they begin to learn more complex techniques and engage in sparring. Students will begin to discover the gentle art known as BJJ while the first set of Jiu Jitsu techniques will be introduced.

After practicing these various exercises and drills, we will begin to develop strength, improve conditioning, flexibility, and endurance. We will use different drills, movements and exercises, always connected with BJJ with the goal to teach your body the necessary movements in order to learn this martial art. Typically, we have those brand new to BJJ start in this class for approximately 30 classes before they graduate to the adult BJJ Fundamentals class. Average duration is about 6 months until you get your second stripe on your white belt and are promoted to the Fundamentals program.

With proper training methods learned in sequence, students will begin to understand how BJJ works. We focus on movements for the body that are natural and functional before learning how to transition from each one. Not only can you expect better conditioning, health and flexibility but you will also become part of a group of likeminded individuals and an amazing teaching team that develop into lifelong friendships. 

Program Pre-requisites


Class Reservation Restrictions

Students can take Beginner BJJ classes only. 


Basic Techniques

Comprehensive instruction of basic BJJ techniques, movement and situations

Condition the Body and Mind

Improve movement, coordination, strength, overall physical fitness and develop a positive attitude


Beginner Concepts and Ideas

Understand why you learn certain movements and recognize situations to control your reactions

GFTeam Canada Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program

Understand BJJ

Learn what differentiates BJJ from other grappling arts, understand core concepts and principals

Situational Training

Begin to understand defensive and offensive movement, basic escapes with positional and situational sparring

Build Self-discipline and Confidence

Improve your confidence and self-discipline with the support of your peers and training staff




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