This Adult program will start working on more advanced techniques to connect the techniques learned in the Beginner program. Students will experience more drills and sparring situations with medium intensity to encourage your body to adapt to the new training. This will result in improvements in your understanding of the grappling concepts and your physical health. 

In the Fundamentals program, you will continue to develop your movements through drills as well as improve your response and timing during sparring with your partners. You will build upon your knowledge of basic takedowns, sweeps, submissions and escapes and improve your execution of the techniques through our skilled instructors and sparring time. 

Students can expect to continue to build upon the concepts learned in the Beginners BJJ class and continue your understanding of BJJ. Emphasis on drilling, training and conditioning will help you see continued improvements in your conditioning, health and flexibility. The Fundamental Program consists of white belt students with 2 to 4 stripes and has more than 80 available classes to take with your membership. Students can expect to be in this program for 9 months before you can be promoted to Blue Belt, upon successful Belt Test completion.

Program Pre-requisites

White Belt – 2 Stripes

Class Reservation Restrictions

Students can take any Beginner BJJ, Fundamentals BJJ or No-Gi BJJ class in the schedule.


Fundamental Techniques

Comprehensive instruction of fundamental BJJ techniques, self defense positions and situations

Condition the Body and Mind

Improve movement, co-ordination, strength, overall physical fitness and develop a positive attitude

Fundamental Concepts and Ideas

A focus on core concepts, principals while learning attacks, defenses and escapes from most intermediate techniques

GFTeam Canada Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program

Improve Your Understanding of BJJ

Build upon lessons learned to create a strong foundation and understanding of BJJ

Competition & Situational Training

Build upon and improve your understanding of positional and situational sparring through live sparring

Build Self-discipline and Confidence

Improve your self-confidence and self-discipline through incremental improvements and support



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