This kids program is for students aged 6 to 9 years old and continues to build upon the concepts learned in the Tiny Grapplers program.  In addition to BJJ concepts and techniques to further develop their balance, flexibility, conditioning and coordination, there will also be a continued emphasis on displaying good behaviour and attitudes, paying attention, focusing and learning self discipline. 

In the Little Grapplers program, your child will continue to build body coordination and abilities using more advanced drills and exercises. They will be exposed to training with higher intensity and volume as well as more complex concepts that are age appropriate. Our goal is to keep students engaged with BJJ and continuing to develop their technique, keep a healthy lifestyle and carry the lessons of discipline into their regular life. 


Fundamental Techniques

Learn foundational BJJ and self defense conepts and techniques

Condition the Body and Mind

Improve movement, coordination and strength while building self confidence


Beginner Concepts and Ideas

Develop a stronger understanding of BJJ and self defense concepts and values like listening, focussing, self discipline and respect


GFTeam Canada Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kids program BJJ

Understand BJJ

Learn what differentiates BJJ from other grappling arts

Situational Training

Develop the understanding of defensive and offensive movements in BJJ


Build Self-discipline and Confidence

Train your body and mind to be more disciplined and value steady, incremental improvement through regular practice




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