This youth program is for students aged 10 to 14 years old and is a higher level class that is more intense physically and mentally with a focus on conditioning. A more detailed approach will be taken and expected for students in this age group.

The Junior Grapplers program will expose your child to training at higher intensity and longer durations. Students can expect daily, higher intensity sparring as well as tournament simulation, and a stricter scrutiny of clean execution of BJJ techniques and concepts. There will be deeper dives exploring more details and options at higher levels.

Parents can expect to see their children begin to establish good body mechanics, learn more advanced BJJ techniques and movements and positive benefits to their body, mind and social life.


Advanced Techniques
Introduce more basic and advanced BJJ and self defense techniques under higher scrutiny
Condition the Body and Mind

Improve movement, coordination, strength and increase self confidence

Learn Core Concepts and Values

Understand and practice core values like listening, focus, self-discipline and respect

GFTeam Canada Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kids program BJJ
Understand BJJ

Exercises, drills and movements to develop coordination and developing teamwork through individual and group games

Situational Training

Provide a challenging environment to learn defensive and offensive concepts in a fun, safe and structured way

Build Self-discipline and Confidence

Build confidence and self-discipline through goals based development



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