Before Entering the Gym

  1. The front door will be used as an ENTRANCE ONLY. Please enter through the front doors and EXIT ONLY through the back door into the Milani Parking lot area.
  2. Enter for your class no earlier than 5 MINUTES before class. Doors will be closed 10 MINUTES after class starts.
  3. We ask for no congregating near the entryways while waiting for class to start. Please remain in your cars until 5 MINUTES before class and give each other some space when entering the gym.
  4. Like public schools, we ask that parents do not enter the gym unless there is an emergency. To control total numbers at any given time, we are asking that no parent enters unonnounced without prior authorization.
  5. Please come fully dressed in your uniform and ready to go. Changing will be allowed if necessary but we would like to avoid groups congregating too closely while inside.
  6. Walk up the stairs and give the person ahead of you some space…please don’t bottleneck/crowd the walkways. Please use sanitizer as you enter the gym.

From Entrance to Mats

  1. Keeping our dojo clean and beautiful is everyone’s responsibility, please do not bring the contaminants from the washrooms onto the mats. If you enter the washroom area it is MANDATORY that you DO NOT go bare feet.
  2. Parents, please try to have your children go to the bathroom before entering the school if possible to reduce the overall use of the bathroom area.
  3. When entering the mats, please do not go for your favorite square and cut across other groups to get there. Please fill up the squares from the window side to the wall, row by row from the front until all squares are filled. Teaching staff may move you afterwards based on numbers to spread you out.
  4. Please bring your water bottle with you onto the mats and place them out of the way near you. We want to reduce people walking back and forth and crossing other people’s paths.
  5. Leave all non martial arts gear (jackets, backpacks, gym bags) in the cubbies. Let’s keep the training area uncluttered and only bring out the essentials. gloves, water bottles, towels, sparring gear and masks (optional) are permitted.

From Mats to the Exit

  1. Once you are finished class, please leave the mats in order from the far back to the very front. We encourage you to sanitize your hands as you leave the mats.
  2. Proceed to the cubby, grab your belongings and kindly exit out the back exit towards the Milani parking area.
  3. Please do not change on site after class. In order to keep things on schedule, we ask that you change at your cars or at home for the time being. We do not encourage groups to stand together who are not already dedicated partners.
  4. Please give each other some space in the common areas and hallway leading downstairs towards the exit.
  5. Please be careful when in the back parking area, especially when there are a lot of cars and people waiting to do pickups. Please safely head to your vehicles in an organized manner as visibility is more difficult in the evening.