This kids program focuses on evasion techniques, counter punching, head movement, footwork and more. Our kids’ classes are for children that want to learn to kickbox in a fun, energetic and safe fashion.  With roots in Karate, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Boxing our coaches make sure to make every striking class unique. The best form of cardio around!

Students in this class will practice various exercises and drills that will develop their strength, improve conditioning, flexibility and endurance. Using different drills, exercises and games, we will teach discipline, work ethic, conditioning, self-defence and respect. When the children attain a certain level, sparring will be optional. Hit pads and drill or try your hand at modified sparring in a controlled environment.

Program Pre-requisites


Class Reservation Restrictions

Students can take Kickboxing Kids classes only.


Basic Techniques

Learn fundamental footwork and striking techniques, movements and defense

Condition the Body and Mind

Improve movement, co-ordination, strength, overall physical fitness and develop a positive attitude

Develop a Growth Mindset

Work with children to form a growth mindset in their approach to learning new skills and information and overcoming challenges

GFTeam Canada Kickboxing Kids program
Understand BJJ

Learn what differentiates BJJ from other grappling arts, understand core concepts and principals

Situational Training

Begin to understand defensive and offensive movement and situational sparring

Build Self-discipline and Confidence

Improve your self-confidence and self-discipline through incremental improvements and support



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