This Adult program focuses primarily on small, minute details that may have a huge impact on your BJJ game. Students in the Advanced class will experience more dynamic and advanced techniques and transitions. Emphasis is placed on solid fundamentals, attention to detail, deep self analysis and a heavy pressure game. 

In the Advanced program, students are put through an intensive training routine, with various types of sparring and drilling. Our goal is to guide our students to keep training consistently, keep a healthy lifestyle and achieve their black belts.

This class is designed for coloured belts (blue, purple, brown and black) and has more than 160 class slots available. A continued emphasis will be on drilling, training and conditioning to keep your progress on track. Students can expect to be in this program for 6 years, on average, to reach your black belt with regular training and progress.

Program Pre-requisites

Blue Belt – 0 Stripes

Class Reservation Restrictions

Students can take any Beginner BJJ, Fundamentals BJJ, Advanced BJJ or No-Gi BJJ class in the schedule.


Advanced Techniques

Analyze more advanced BJJ and Self Defense techniques, improve advanced concepts and understanding of BJJ Comp rules and point system

Condition the Body and Mind

Improve movement, coordination, strength, overall physical fitness and increase self confidence

Advanced Concepts and Ideas

Deep study of advanced techniques and movements with a extrapolating on core concepts, principals and BJJ ideas

GFTeam Canada Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program

Understand Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Focus on advanced attacks, defenses and escapes from most advanced techniques

Situational Training

Fine tune advanced concepts with extensive positional, situational and live sparring

Build Self-discipline and Confidence

Improve your self-confidence and self-discipline through incremental improvements and support



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