GFTeam Canada Closure for the Next Two Weeks

Dr. Bonnie Henry announces two week shutdown

Hello Students and Families,

As you have heard, Public Health Officer Bonnie Henry has called for a two week lockdown of certain activities and businesses, of which we are included as an indoor fitness facility. Although the measures we have currently implemented have allowed us to be able to train and reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19, it comes down to doing what we need to do to operate and keep our members safe. We are confident in our ability to pass any inspections needed to reopen, as stated by Public Health. But with anything, there is always change and room for improvements. We feel that we as martial arts practitioners are especially prepared for these types of challenges; we face challenges head on, we adapt, we refine and we overcome. 

Over the next two weeks, we will be doing the following on our side. We will be continuing instruction via Online Zoom classes for the time being, until we are approved to re-open. The schedule will be displayed below with Zoom links. The other thing we will be doing is working with our local Medical Officer and Public Health to make sure our Covid-19 plan and facility is adapted to any new requirements they require. As we have news and updates, we will be sharing them with you which will include any additional measures we will request of our members and any procedural changes as well. 

We understand there are different opinions on the necessity of this lockdown and specifically at our gym. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and level of comfort but it is our group efforts that allow us all the ability and privilege to do what we do during this pandemic. Whatever additional measures required by Public Health, they will not matter if we all do not collectively make the efforts to abide by these changes, however temporarily, until we can safely return to a more normal situation. We are confident that our GFTeam Canada family will do what families do and look out for one another by adapting to these new challenges in our effort to have as normal and healthy life as possible. 

Please look for updates via email and social media of our progress and re-opening. The Zoom Class schedule for the next two weeks has been emailed so if you didn’t receive it, please contact us. Thank you so much in advance for all your understanding and support.

*note: All kickboxing and Karate programs will need to continue reserving for class and the instructors will be checking ppl in for attendance based on joining the zoom class.

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