GFTeam Canada & Superior Martial Arts: Combined

GFTeam Canada welcomes Superior MMA students to the GFTeam Family

With Covid-19 forcing changes to many parts of society, our two schools agreed that joining forces would lead to both schools being able to better serve our students and deal with the challenges of the coronavirus. The schools will be combined under GFTeam Canada which means that now, in addition to world class BJJ instruction, we will be offering striking classes; karate, kickboxing and boxing!

Karate! Kickboxing! Boxing! Woo hoo!

Under Sensei Ty Reid and with the support of Kohai Shayne Kumar, Superior Martial Arts brings Kids Karate and Boxing classes and Adult Kickboxing and Boxing striking classes to GFTeam Canada. All Superior’s BJJ students will be combined under Professor Rafael’s BJJ program and will come with the support of two Brazilian trained black belts, two brown belts, a purple belt and a blue belt on the coaching staff. We are excited at the combination of skills under the one roof.

Sensei Ty Reid started Superior Martial Arts 7-8 years ago and has grown it into the vibrant program we see today. The decision to close their location and consolidate was not an easy one but one that best served his students and ensured top notch BJJ training. We know there will be some rough patches over the next couple months as we consolidate the two schools, introduce new programs and schedule around social distancing measures. We thank you for your patience and we appreciate the kind words and smiling faces in the gym and online.

Farewell Superior BJJ Class. Hello GFTeam Canada BJJ Class!

At the end of this week, we will be sunsetting the Superior BJJ program and combining all students under GFTeam Canada’s BJJ programs as of Monday June 15th, 2020. Please be aware of the different times and the separate booking system for BJJ classes on the GFTeam Canada website.

GFTeam Canada Advanced BJJ Class

In the coming month the priority will be to schedule all classes, work towards joining the BJJ programs and creating a safe space for all students to continue training their grappling and striking both in class and online. As things progress with Covid-19 and we continue to return to a new normal, we will be adapting and pushing to provide everyone an excellent training experience.

We are so happy to welcome our new members to the GFTeam family and continue to work towards goals of fitness, self-improvement and community. See you in class!!!

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