How our Distanced In-Class Training Works

We are cautiously excited to announce our plans for a limited re-opening of the gym on June 1st. These classes will happen back at our gym location with some modifications to how we run classes. Additionally, we will still be supporting Zoom classes for those that choose to continue classes remotely. In addition to supporting students at the gym, we will continue to watch our online students and support the development of their jiu-jitsu.


For the foreseeable future, we will be limiting the total number of students and classes held at the gym. We will be implementing CLASS BOOKING on the new calendar. Each week, on a first come first serve basis, all students will need to book their weeks’ classes by Group. The instructions are below and on the new calendar page.

Each week, you will need to book a spot for you or your child’s solo classes or your group class booking. Please follow the rules below:

  1. Every Sunday you will need to book your spaces for that week. All other bookings will be removed.
  2. Book the first day and you will be expected for the second day in your class group. (ie: Group A means you can only attend Monday and/or Thursday classes that week.)
  3. If you are booking a PAIRED CLASS, please list who will be part of your group when booking in the message section.** 
  4. First come first serve. If you have issues or can’t get a spot, email us.
  5. All classes will be livestream on Zoom to be able to take the class from home.


  • Every student will need to sign a waiver certifying that he/she is not group of risk, have not been with any of the symptoms in previous weeks, doesn’t leave  with someone that is from a group risk, haven’t been in contact with someone that they know had any symptoms or COVID-19 virus. This is a requirement. 
  • All students will need to book your classes online at https://www.gfteamcanada.ca/phase-3-distanced-class-schedule/ – you will be able to book your classes for the week only, so every week you will need to rebook it. Booking starts on the Sunday of every week. Anything scheduled before will be removed to insure fairness. 
  • There will be hand sanitizers in the reception and every student will need to sanitize their hands before the class starts.
  • The downstairs door will remain open.
  • Only one washroom will be opened and only for emergencies.
  • Students will be required to come with their gis already, or with a kind of cloth that they can put their gis over it.
  • Only the students participating in the class will be allowed at the academy, no parents or accompanying will be allowed to come or stay inside the academy.
  • After the class all students are required to leave the academy immediately, so we can clean and sanitize the academy before next class starts.
  • We ask all students to wait outside while your class has not started yet.
  • Students will need to bring their own water bottle. 


  • We will have 2 different type of classes:
  1. Solo drills, movements and exercises – students will be required to stay in the black mats, which will be 6 feet apart from each other. Professors and coaches will stay in the centre of the mat leading the class. Maybe students will need to build and bring their own dummy, there are various tutorials online showing how to build it with towels, pillows and a gi.
  2. Paired group class – this class will be for people that live together or one dedicated partner. We will have 16 small groups spread out on the mat. Those groups will be able to do warm up, drill and spar among themselves only, not getting the families (groups) in contact with each other. We encourage parents and siblings to join those classes and help out your partner. 


  • Students will be required to leave the academy in the next 5 minutes after the class is finished.
  • We will clean and sanitize the mats after every class with a product that kills 99.9% of all viruses, bacterias and fungus. Also, we will sanitize the reception area, hallway and bathroom.

We plan to adjust classes based on Health Canada and other government agency guidance. We will be assessing the program on a weekly basis with our student’s safety and health at the forefront. It is a learning process for everyone so please be patient with us as we figure out what BJJ in 2020 will look like. We are incredibly thankful to all our students for your support and patience!

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