‘Your Plus One’. Online Students Can Add A Sibling, Spouse or Partner Free.

Our livestream classes have been a success at connecting our students, keeping us fit and continuing our BJJ learning but we want to make it even better. We are thinking of new and better ways to serve our students and thought what would make these adult and kid classes even better? A rolling partner.

While people are self isolating and trying to keep sane and fit during this time, most of us are fortunate enough to be isolated with a family member, spouse or friend. We know that our students are keeping fit, taking a mental break and developing their jiu-jitsu but our friends and family may not be doing the same. We thought it would be not only good for our students to have a rolling partner but also to include the people in your home in healthy, stress-reliving activities for free. So for the duration of the online livestream classes, we will be giving all of our students a ‘plus one’.

If you have a sibling that would like to try our jiu-jitsu, ask them to join and share your love of BJJ. If you have a spouse or partner that is sitting by, watching you roll and sweat…ask them to join you and stay healthy together. Just have them join the next livestream class with you and we will welcome them to our GFTeam family.

We ask all of our students to be patient, be supportive and be a good partner while they try something new. We think it will also introduce a different dynamic to your relationships and also make isolation better for everyone.

No gi is required. No experience is required. Only a willingness to try something new. Join us today!!!

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