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GFTeam Canada was founded 2017 and has been rapidly growing since. We believe in an inclusive environment and that authentic Brazilian Jiu-jitsu benefits all walks of life. For our children's program, our most important belief is that BJJ helps them to listen, focus, how to win and lose. We stress the lessons of hard work and practice as the way to succeed and build skills. We are not a daycare program. The program is not easy and helps them develop right attitude and mental toughness the value of self-discipline in their lives. For our adult programs, our goals are to make people's lives healthier and better because of the practice of a jiu-jitsu lifestyle. We believe that adopting this type of lifestyle helps you to break bad, unhealthy habits with healthier choices in what they eat, how they sleep and recover and how they make better choices for their bodies and minds. Whatever their goals are; competition, self defence or just a healthier life we believe BJJ will benefit their lives. Leading you to live a more active lifestyle, something to relieve your stress and re-focus bad energy into something more productive for your life. GFTeam Canada focuses on technique, a holistic approach to learning BJJ that isn't just about competing at the highest levels.....for all people of any sex or age. BJJ can benefit anyone's life positively.



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